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  • Email Procedures: Information regarding emailing the course instructor and your teaching assistant. [ Link ]
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  • Entering Logins and Passwords on the Web: How to enter the domain name [ Link ]
  • ICS Login and Password in TCN Labs: Your ICS career account login and password should work in the Technology Computing Network labs located in Knoy Hall of Technology. [ Link ]
  • Classes Drive Information: The G drive or the classes drive can be accessed from within any Knoy laboratory. Simply open My Computer and the G drive will be among the drives listed. Your TA will walk you through it during your first lab this week. [ Link ]

Course Management

Course Coordinators:

Professor Raymond Hassan[ bio]
Email: rhassan@purdue.edu
Office: Knoy 335
Office Hours: T, TR 2:00-4:00

All questions should first go to your TA

Lecture Meeting Time & Place:    M, W 11:30-12:20, KNOY B019

V. Ocasio
Lab 01 
Thurs 3:30-5:20 
Knoy 340

Office Hrs:
Tues. 12:30-2:30
KNOY 374

V. Brasfield
Lab 02 
Thurs 9:30-11:20
Knoy 340

Office Hrs:

V. Brasfield
Lab 03 
Thurs 1:30-3:20
Knoy 340

Office Hrs:

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